OPS Insect List

The following is a first show at identifying the insects (and Spiders) in a few of the orders. It has been compiled by Matt Plenty. The hope is that it will be expanded in future.

Odonata - Dragonflies

Large Red Damselfly (Pyrrhosoma nymphula) Annual

Common Blue Damselfly (Enallagma cyathigerum) Annual

Azure Damselfly (Coenagrion puella) Annual

Blue-tailed Damselfly (Ischnura elegans) Annual

Small Red-eyed Damselfly (Erythromma viridulum) Infrequent since first seen on 23/7/14

Southern Hawker (Aeshna cyanea) Annual

Migrant Hawker (Aeshna mixta) Annual

Emperor Dragonfly (Anax imperator) Annual

Four-spotted Chaser (Libellula quadrimaculata) Infrequent

Broad-bodied Chaser (Libellula depressa) Annual

Black-tailed Skimmer (Orthetrum cancellatum) Infrequent

Common Darter (Sympetrum striolatum) Annual


Field Grasshopper

Meadow Grasshopper

Lesser Marsh Grasshopper


Long-winged Conehead (20/10/13)

Great Green Bush-Cricket

Roesel’s Bush-Cricket (Annual since 2015)


Small Skipper Annual

Essex Skipper Annual since 19/7/11

Large Skipper Annual

Grizzled Skipper (Regularly seen in 1980s and one seen 1.6.12)

Dingy Skipper (80s and 90s)

Clouded Yellow Annual

Brimstone Annual

Large White Annual

Small White Annual

Green-veined White Annual

Orange Tip Annual

Green Hairstreak in hedge between Lagoons 1 and 2 (29/4/06)

Purple Hairstreak (5/7/14 and seen annually since 2015 along main rhine)

Holly Blue Annual

Brown Argus Infrequent/ scarce

Common Blue Annual

Small Copper Annual

Red Admiral Annual

Painted Lady Annual

Small Tortoiseshell Annual but increasingly scarce

Peacock Annual

Comma Annual

Marbled White Common/ Annual in 80s and 90s, now infrequent/ scarce

Speckled Wood Annual

Wall  Infrequent/ scarce. Not seen since 90s.

Gatekeeper Annual

Meadow Brown Annual


Shaded Broad bar Scotopteryx cheopodiata

Red underwing

Drinker (caterpillar) 31/05/08

Large Yellow Underwing 3 Aug 2008

Latticed Heath 14/8/04

Silver-Y moth 17/7/06

Streamer Moth, 17/4/09.

Blue-bordered Carpet moth 3/7/10

Orange Underwing Moth 3/9/11

Magpie Moth 27/8/12

Oak Eggar 9/5/14 (caterpillar)


Diptera – True Flies

Long-legged fly Poecilobothrus nobilatus

*Eristalinus sepulchralis (localised/ declining hoverfly sp.)

Scaeva pyrastri

Helophilus pendulus

Volucella pellucans

Volucella zonaria

Eupeodes luniger

Eristalis tenax

Marmalade fly

Rhingia campestris

Eristalis intricaria

Snipe fly Rhagio scolopacea

Dotted Bee fly Bombylius discolour

Dark-edged Bee fly Bombylius major

Empis tessellate


Alder fly


Common wasp


Lathbury's Nomad Wasp

Conops quadrifasciata


Heather colletes Colletes succinctus (probably this sp. Seen near gate to shore on lag 3 many times in 2018. Fast flying and very difficult to photograph).

*Large Meadow Mining bee Andrena labialis

Tawny Mining bee Andrena fulva

Patchwork Leafcutter bee

Gwynnes Mining bee Andrena bicolor

Red-tailed Cuckoo bee

Buff-tailed Bumblebee

White-tailed Bumblebee

Red-tailed Bumblebee

Common carder Bumblebee

Early Bumblebee

Hairy footed flower bee

Honey bee

Goodan's Nomad bee

Hawthorn Mining Bee Andrena chrysosceles

Orange-tailed Mining Bee Andrena haemorroa

Yellow-legged Mining Bee Andrena flavipes

Ashy Mining Bee Andrena cineraria


Enoplognatha ovata

Crab Spider

Zebra Spider

No. of species = 97