Birdwatching at Oldbury Power Station

A review of 2020 is here.


16/4/21 – A light phase Arctic/Pomarine Skua low upriver at 9:48am. But that was the only movement on river in 3 hours to HT. 2 Yellow Wagtail and 2 Redpoll over to NE along shore. And a Brown Hare was a surprise in the maize field. A flock of 11 Bar-tailed Godwit with 12 Curlew at Pillhead Gout, then flushed upriver by walkers. Also, singers: 4 Sedge Warbler (Lagoon 3), 4 Reed Warbler (Lagoon 2) and 4 Whitethroat (2 on each Lagoon).
65 species today - best at OPS this year.


15/4/21 – 4 Whitethroat, 4 Willow Warbler and 3 Sedge Warbler all singing on both Lagoons 2 & 3. 1 Grey Plover, a pair of Wigeon and 15 Teal still at Shepperdine.


14/4/21 – A female Redstart by Lagoon 1 outfall and a male Wheatear on Lagoon 1 (probably same that TS reported earlier at Shepperdine - photo by TS below).


13/4/21 – The amazing sight of a Little Bunting at 6:45am in a small Sallow tree by the reedbed in SW corner of Lagoon 3. A continuous, harsh, 'kvitt' call got my attention. It basically had a fully chestnut coloured face, with black edging, chestnut crown-stripe and white eye-ring. (Looked like a Tree Pipit below.) Frustratingly, the bird flew after 2 mins., just as I pointed the camera at it. It flew high and long, out of sight, to south. Probably a male in breeding plumage. The full story here. My 200th species at OPS !! (Although 3 dodgy species - Pom Skua record not accepted (but the bird was also seen upriver), and introduced Great Bustard and Crane.)
Also, the first Yellow Wagtail (over), 2 Sedge Warbler and a Whitethroat singing on Lagoon 3, and at Pillhead Gout: 1 Knot, 1 Grey Plover and a Whimbrel (heard).
AM reported: the first Common Sandpiper of the year, 20 Teal, 2 Little Grebe, 5 Wheatear and 27 Redshank.

      Grey Plover and Knot, and Whitethroat (photo by TS).


12/4/21 – The first Whitethroat (singing, N corner Lagoon 3), Reed Warbler (singing, lake) and Whimbrel (yacht club with Curlews) of the year. Also, a Sedge Warbler singing on Lagoon 3, and at yacht club: 1 Knot, 18 Ringed Plover, 17 Dunlin and 18 Curlews (inc. a 'Headstarter' and colour-ringed, Red (x2?) on L and Orange on R).
61 species today - best at OPS this year.

      Whimbrel (front) with larger and lighter coloured Curlews.


11/4/21 – MP reported: 5 'White' Wagtail and 23 Pied Wagtail on Lagoon 1. HE reported: 4 Wheatear and 2 Grey Wagtail.

      'White' Wagtails and Curlew on Lagoon 1 (photos by MP).


10/4/21 – A Tree Pipit calling over Lagoon 3 first thing, a Sedge Warbler heard singing, from the lake, and a late Water Rail 'squealing' in the small triangle reedbed in SE corner of Lagoon 2.


9/4/21 – A male Little Owl calling from inland at Shepperdine this evening - the first record at OPS for 9 years ! Also c20 Ringed Plover and c20 Dunlin. (A Muntjac Deer on Lagoon 2 yesterday morning.) MP reported, in morning: a Sedge Warbler on Lagoon 3, 5 Willow Warbler, 1 Wheatear, 7 Swallow and 13 Oystercatcher.

      Female Wheatear near the jetty (photo by HE).


7/4/21 – A Red Kite flew across the estuary at 4:30pm, from Littleton. A Mediterranean Gull that had nearly finished moulting into summer adult was at the yacht club, 4 Ringed Plover and a Dunlin at Pillhead Gout, and 35 Pied Wagtail on the mud on Lagoon 1. HE reported a male Redstart on Lagoon 2 this morning. (Photo by HE below, right.) AM reported a House Martin yesterday.


5/4/21 – A Sedge Warbler singing in reeds in SW corner of Lagoon 3 this morning. (One day later than the earliest OPS record.)


3/4/21 – A Marsh Harrier circling high over towers, and then went inland (east) at midday. AM reported: 19 Chiffchaff, 6 Blackcap, 4 Swallow, 100 Linnet (in maize stubble), 3 Cetti's Warbler, 18 Wren, 78 Common Gull, 3 Wigeon, a pair of Sparrowhawk and 2 Grey Plover.


2/4/21 – A Stonechat reported by RE. (Photo by RE below.)


1/4/21 – Some movement to NE into cold wind this morning: 150 Meadow Pipit, 50 Goldfinch, 40 Linnet, 2 House Martin (equal earliest ever at OPS), 2 Swallow, 5 Greenfinch, 1 Siskin and 1 Redpoll. Also 4 Willow Warbler singing and a Greylag Goose low over to NE. TS reported 2 Little Ringed Plover at the yacht club at HT and 30 Swallow over.

      Nice photo of one of the Little Ringed Plover by TS - thanks !


31/3/21 – A Barnacle Goose on the estuary at Pillhead Gout. AM reported a Willow Warbler singing by the lake.
That is 107 species I have seen at OPS this year - equal to my record for end of March.


30/3/21 – An excellent morning, started with mist, but a pair of Goosander on the Tidal Res. until going upriver at 7:30am. And a Willow Warbler singing on Lagoon 2. From 8-9am I sat and watched the tide come in at Shepperdine, but all that went upriver were 4 Black-headed Gull. So I started walking to the yacht club, when at 9:20am a flock of 15 Sandwich Tern went very fast and low upriver. I managed to get some video. (Highest count at OPS, beating 6 from last year. That is the 7th spring in a row I have seen this species at OPS.) Also 2 Wheatear, 7 Blackcap singing, a Ringed Plover and a Lapwing on Lagoon 1, 3 Siskin over and a Lesser Redpoll on alders on Lagoon 3. MP reported 9 Grey Plover. PB reported: a male Redstart (earliest ever, by a day), a Red-legged Partridge calling at dusk from edge of Lagoons 1/2, a Tawny Owl calling and a Green-veined White butterfly.
I saw 57 species today. That is 106 species I have seen at OPS this year, with all-comers on 113 (the most ever by end of March).


29/3/21 – A Greenshank "tu,tu,tu"ing and the first Swallow of the year, at the yacht club. Also, 3 Sand Martin to SW into wind, and 2 Blackcap singing. AM reported: a Partridge sp. flushed from Lagoon 2, 141 Curlew, 114 Redshank, 30 Chiffchaff, another Swallow and a Sand Martin to NW and 4 Green Woodpecker. HE reported 6 Wheatear in the evening, between yacht club and Littleton.
That is 103 species I have seen at OPS this year, with all-comers on 108.
Big news at the lake, as the Coot is back today (last here 25th Dec), and the female Canada Goose started sitting on a nest on the island on 23rd (same date as last year !).
Below are the previous Canada Goose nest records:

1st on nest                          1st fledged juvs.     Incubation (days)    No.of juvs.

05/04/2005                         07/05/2005                                   37            3 (first breeding at OPS)

14/04/2006                         06/05/2006                                   22            6

27/04/2008                         30/05/2008                                   33            1+

29/03/2009                         02/05/2009                                   34            5

27/03/2010                         01/05/2010                                   35            6

26/03/2011                         01/05/2011                                   36            3

24/03/2012                         21/04/2012                                   28            3

31/03/2013                         failed (successful 2nd clutch)                      3

04/04/2014                         02/05/2014                                   28            3

31/03/2015                         04/05/2015                                   34            4

02/04/2016                         04/05/2016                                   32            1

23/03/2017                         21/04/2017                                   29            6

25/03/2018                         failed                                                      

21/03/2019                         20/04/2019                                   30            7

23/03/2020                         22/04/2020                                   30            7



 ----- Coronavirus Lockdown Ends-----


26/3/21 – A probable juvenile Goshawk this afternoon, flying along the rhine between lake and road - I was on Lagoon 3, with bright sun behind me to light it up. It was carrying a bloody kill. Would have had a cracking view of it, but it kept going out-of-sight, low in the rhine ditch. Just saw size and colour, no other detail.


24/3/21 – A Red Kite quite low over Lagoon 2 at about 7am, then drifted inland to East. (Recorded at OPS every year for the last 10 years.) An 'Iceland' Black-tailed Godwit in summer plumage on Lagoon 1. 6 Coal Tit is an OPS record count (2 pairs x Lagoon 2, 1 pair x Lagoon 3). Before 6 years ago, they were seen in less than half of years. And 3 Little Egret on the maize field. HE reported the first Wheatear from the yacht club (photo on right, below, by HE).


23/3/21 – 3+ Greylag Goose flying around, and the female Canada Goose is sat on a nest. Also 11+ Chichaff, a Blackcap singing and a flock of c50 Linnet over the maize field. AM reported a pair of Peregrine mating on the rocks by the Tidal Res.!


22/3/21 – The first Blackcap of the year, seen and heard singing (1 day later than OPS earliest) along footpath to shore. A summer plumaged Mediterranean Gull on shore at Pillhead Gout, and 2 Greylag Goose with 6 Canada Goose in the field on way to yacht club. Also 2 juvenile Peregrine chasing each other over Lagoon 3 and towers (females from size). Presumably last year's. Some video.


20/3/21 – A drake Common Scoter on the Tidal Res. at dawn. And also a pair of Pintail. HE reported a 1st-w male Black Redstart (which looks different to the previous one). (Photo below right by HE.)


19/3/21 – The Otter again, on the SW wall of the Tidal Res. for 15 minutes at 7:30am. Some video. Also a Sand Martin and c20 Meadow Pipit to NE. AM later reported a Merlin, 2 Sand Martin on Lagoon 1, 130 Curlew, 2 Grey Plover and 39 Redshank.


18/3/21 – An Avocet at Shepperdine, and a Seal (probably Grey Seal) going downriver (and reported later at the yacht club). Checking previous years on the website, a Grey Seal has been seen every year for the last 10 years (except 2014). But only 2006 and 2007 before that. And Common Seal has been seen every year for last 5, except 2018. LP reported 5 Chiffchaff.


17/3/21 – An excellent spring morning. A 'redhead' Goosander flew downriver at HT (9:40am), and landed on the estuary by Lagoon 3. But only stayed a couple of minutes and then flew back upriver. (The last one at OPS was on 10/10/2017.) Also 2 Black-tailed Godwit upriver are new for the year. A fem/juv Merlin was in a spectacular chase of an isolated Dunlin, out over the estuary at Shepperdine. The Dunlin started gaining height, managing to stay just above the Merlin, very close behind, until they were way above and beyond the towers, then they both started diving down, and lost to view. (I saw a very similar battle in December.) A Greylag Goose on the lake, was being chased by the male of the Canada Goose pair. The 2 male Shoveler again on Lagoon 1. And, the first visible migration of the year overhead: 14 Chaffinch and 2 Siskin to NE, and 2 Skylark to West. Also, 2 Coal Tit flew from the Lagoon 1 hedge, high to NE, but they came back down in trees 400m away.


16/3/21 – The first Otter seen at OPS, this morning! Watched for 20 minutes on the estuary, by the navigation signs towards the yacht club. I got some pretty good video. Apart from that, the 2 Shoveler again on Lagoon 1, 4 Cetti's Warbler singing (2 each on Lagoons 2 & 3) and c25 Redwing still.


15/3/21 – AM's WeBS count: 2 male Shoveler (Lagoon 1), 67 Teal (63 on Lagoon 1), 122 Wigeon, 38 Curlew, 1 Jack Snipe, 22 Snipe, 2 Little Grebe, 2 male Stonechat, 5 Redwing. (NB. All birds had been flushed from Lagoon 1 to Tidal Res. in afternoon.)

      Toads mating and calling around the pond by Lagoon 2.


13/3/21 – An Arctic Skua chasing a Black-headed Gull high over the estuary, from Shepperdine. It then came down low and over to the near shore, heading downriver towards me, but it flew inland to S. Probably an Intermediate phase (or juv). But that was the only seabird in continuing strong W/SW wind.


12/3/21 – A Greylag Goose on Lagoon 1, but flushed by dog-walker.


11/3/21 – No seabirds from dawn until 9am (although lots at Seven Beach, and a Gannet seen further upriver at 9am). 4 Pintail (2m, 2f) went down river, and a male Shoveler on Lagoon 1. Also 4 Chiffchaff (2 singing).


10/3/21 – Not much bird news, but these Scarlet Elf Caps along the footpath to the shore, and my bench is one year old ! (Nearly lost it when it was thrown back in the estuary, early on.) And the green 'Ledges' buoy has been replaced by a different one, presumably to remove the pink buoy that got entangled with the old one.



8/3/21 – AM reported: a 1st-w male Black Redstart on the fence between Lagoon 2 and the buildings, a Greylag Goose on the river, 180 Redwing, 1 Fieldfare, 1 Stonechat, 2 Peregrine (pair on a pylon), 189 Wigeon, 65 Teal, a male Tufted Duck, 1 Grey Plover, 29 Dunlin, 69 Curlew, 36 Redshank, 2 Little Grebe and 5 Green Woodpecker. 3 Chiffchaff this afternoon.


4/3/21 – A Sand Martin feeding over Lagoon 1 is the earliest ever for S. Gloucs., beating 7/3/2014 (and the earliest for OPS, beating 11/3/2017) ! The 'headstarted' Curlew '21' and '23' are still together on Lagoon 1. And the pen Mute Swan was back on the lake briefly. A worrying report from a dog-walker that the cob Mute Swan may have hit the power line over the lake and come down in the brambles. As flapping could be heard, with the remaining swan obviously distressed and crying.


3/3/21 – 8 Shoveler (6 male, 2 female), 3 Gadwall and 72 Teal on flooded Lagoon 1. The female Black Redstart at the Waterworks, and a juv. Merlin by 'squeaky gate.' It seems that the 'battle for the lake' is already over as the Canada Goose pair chased the Mute Swan pair off the lake this morning.


2/3/21 – 6 Shoveler (5 male, 1 female) on Lagoon 1 this (cold) morning; the female Black Redstart on the jetty; a male Stonechat SINGING on top of the hedge by the yacht club (only 2nd one singing for me at OPS, with first in March last year); and the annual 'battle for the lake' is hotting up, with the Canada Goose pair nest-prospecting on the island and the Mute Swan pair in courtship. The Little Grebe pair are also still 'trilling'.

      Four of the male Shovelers.


1/3/21 – MP/AM reported a male Marsh Harrier upriver past the yacht club at 9:40am. Also this morning, a Greylag Goose with 5 Canada Goose, flew from inland and then went upriver. AM also reported: 4 Green Woodpecker, 111 Wigeon, 239 Curlew, 58 Redshank, 47 Dunlin, 1 Grey Plover and 1 Snipe.

      A Shelduck up a tree, presumably nest prospecting. And the Marsh Harrier (photo by MP).


28/2/21 – An Avocet was reported by JH-P.


27/2/21 – Freezing fog this morning (-2 degs) concentrated the mind to close birding, and I found a Treecreeper in the trees by the entrance. That is 90 species for me at OPS in 2021 (93 for all-comers), making it an average start to the year.


26/2/21 – The Merlin on a log at Pillhead Gout again, 2 Chiffchaff singing, the pair of Little Grebe on the Lake (trilling call heard and one caught a small fish) and 2 male Tufted Duck (1 on lake and one, unusually, on estuary at yacht club).


25/2/21 – A flock of 7 Mute Swan upriver (3 adult + 4 juvs.). And an hour later a pair flew downriver and landed on the lake. And 3 male Tufted Duck there. A Merlin on a log at Pillhead Gout and the female Black Redstart still. Also, a Chiffchaff singing.

      Lots of Blackthorn and Damsons already in flower.


23/2/21 – It felt VERY 'migrationy' this morning for first time this year. A Corn Bunting flew from the corner hedge by the yacht club, went high downriver, before giving up battling the wind and came back up river overhead, calling 'tic' once, then lost as it went back down around weedy field. The third winter in a row that one has been at this spot ! 2 Siskin landed, calling, in trees on SW side of Lagoon 3, a Lesser Redpoll over (calling), and 3 large flocks of mixed thrushes, estimated c400 Redwing and c300 Fieldfare. Also, some flocks of 10 Woodpigeon going W, with 1 Stock Dove and a pair of Collared Dove in trees on Lagoon 3 (unusual here). Plus, several flocks of Black-headed Gull (c250) looked like they were migrating downriver. (Not a single Stonechat or Chiffchaff this morning.)

      Over HT, a 1st-w Mediterranean Gull (with a Common Gull), and a Bar-tailed Godwit (photo by MP).


22/2/21 – 2 Chiffchaff singing (new species for year), 2 Little Grebe and the male Tufted Duck on the lake. AM reported: 2 Lesser Redpoll in Alders on Lagoon 3, 13 Stonechat, 18 Oystercatcher, 84 Teal and 55 Wigeon.


21/2/21 – NS reported a 1st-w Glaucous Gull at Shepperdine in afternoon (3:30-4pm). MS reported a pair of Canada Goose back on the lake.


20/2/21 – MP reported: 2 Black Redstart (1st-w male and female on jetty fence), 8 Stonechat (shore by Lagoon 3), pair of Peregrine (male with prey); 2 Knot, 12 Redshank on Lagoon 1 with 2 'headstarted' Curlew ('21' and '23'), which are 2 years old now and should be going to breed this year. Also, colour-ringed Curlew 'BRR', which MS informs is one that breeds in Gloucestershire (of which there are very few left).

      'Headstart' Curlew '21' (photo by MP).


19/2/21 – This afternoon, 254 Curlew (colour-rings: BYO, BYN) feeding in field with 41 Canada Goose.
MP reported, over High Tide, Lagoon 1: 2 Knot, 20 Dunlin, 21 Lapwing, 10 Redshank, 19 Curlew (incl x2 Headstart birds, and colour-ringed BYW and BGL), 49 Teal, 59 Wigeon, 7 Common Gull. Also, on Shepperdine shore: 89 Turnstone and 15 Oystercatcher.

      2 Knot and Curlew/Teal/Wigeon on very flooded Lagoon 1 (photos by MP).


17/2/21 – The drake Tufted Duck back on the lake, and 2 Mistle Thrush with c25 Fieldfare on Lagoon 1..


16/2/21 – A Kingfisher from the bridge by the Anchor pub, and a juv/fem Merlin on the large log by Pillhead Gout. MP reported 9 Grey Plover at Pillhead Gout.


15/2/21 – AM's WeBS count: 1 Jack Snipe (small reedbed by Lag 3), 63 Snipe, 74 Teal, 124 Wigeon, 340 Lapwing, 85 Dunlin, 24 Redshank, 231 Curlew, 4 Grey Heron, 70 Turnstone and 2 Rock Pipit.


13/2/21 – Even colder this morning (-4 degs). 2 Black Redstart again, together on the jetty (a 1st-w male and a female). And c20 Golden Plover with c100 Lapwing and 42 Canada Goose in field between Lagoon 3 and yacht club. No Moorhens on the thick ice on the lake.


12/2/21 – Some new waders at HT this morning, in freezing conditions (-2 degs): 15 Golden Plover at the yacht club, 3 Knot at Shepperdine with 2 Grey Plover, and 3 Ringed Plover on the sea wall. Also a Water Rail on the thick ice on the lake.


11/2/21 – TWO Black Redstart today; a 1st-winter male on the jetty this afternoon, and a female reported by AG on Avonbirds. (Photo, below left, by AG.)


10/2/21 – A Knot with 5 Grey Plover and Dunlin flock feeding on the mud of the Tidal Res. this afternoon. And the female Black Redstart still on the jetty.


9/2/21 – AM reported a male Black Redstart on path/fence between jetty and Lagoon 3. Also, 123 Curlew and 2 Stonechat.


7/2/21 – MS reported the female Black Redstart again.


6/2/21 – A drake Pintail displaying to a female Mallard on the Tidal Res.; lifting its head right up and shaking it, then putting it down to water level and pointing its tail straight up. I was impressed, even if the Mallard wasn't !!


4/2/21 – The Mute Swan pair flew upriver at 8:20am.

      1st-winter Great Black-backed Gull and flooded Lagoon 1.


3/2/21 – A male Tufted Duck on the lake. (None have been present since 11th June !!)


2/2/21 – The female Black Redstart was on the jetty this morning. And at HT: 223 Curlew in field (9 colour-rings read) and 6 Grey Plover plus 3 Ringed Plover were at Pillhead Gout. And 2 Feral Pigeon around the towers were new for year ! AM reported a Jack Snipe flushed on Lagoon 3. Also 86 Wigeon and 62 Teal.


1/2/21 – An adult winter Mediterranean Gull flew in to the estuary roost this evening.


29/1/21 – A flock of 8 Mistle Thrush flew into Lagoon 2, giving lots of rattling calls, then dispersed around the lagoon trees. And 2 Coal Tit are the first of the year.


28/1/21 – The Dark-bellied Brent Goose returned to same field with 61 Canada Goose. (It visited Slimbridge and the wetlands at Severn Beach in the week it was missing !) And a Grey Plover with a Ringed Plover on the seawall by Lagoon 1 at HT this morning. Plus a Little Grebe in a flooded Oldbury Pill. MS reported the female Black Redstart.


27/1/21 – A juv. Merlin sat on the fence at Shepperdine in mist. 4 Mute Swan reported by LJ. The resident male being very aggresive to a new pair, which eventually departed.


26/1/21 – The Golden Plover settled in the field with the Canada Goose flock this morning, after flying around a couple of times, calling. (A short video, of flight with a couple of calls at end.) A Greenfinch was starting song and bat-like display flight on Lagoon 3. That is my 80th species at OPS in 2021 (82 species for all-comers). Which is an ok start to the year; 82 species is my average for last 5 Januaries (85 for all-comers). No Feral Pigeon yet !


25/1/21 – On a frosty morning (-2 degs), a Golden Plover flew, calling, from the saltmarsh by the yacht club. It flew off high to south. And a Lapwing with a colour aberration making its back very light (photo below). Also, 7 Stonechat (3 x weedy field, pair x jetty, fem x Lag 2, 1 x Lag 3 area).


24/1/21 – MP reported: The female Black Redstart by the jetty, 3 Stonechat, a drake Pintail (off Shepperdine) and the drake Gadwall (lake).

      Male Stonechat and Robin (photo by MP).


22/1/21 – 1+ Yellowhammer in hedge by weedy field near yacht club (with 1+ Reed Bunting), 6 Stonechat about (3 x weedy field, pair x waterworks, 1 x Shepperdine), 2 Mistle Thrush by small wood (and mistletoe) on way to yacht club and c60 Wigeon on Lagoon 1.
(The Brent Goose was not with the 53 Canada Goose in the field this morning.)


21/1/21 – The Dark-bellied Brent Goose still with Canada Geese in field between Lagoon 3 and yacht club.


20/1/21 – The Dark-bellied Brent Goose is still with 35 Canada Goose in the field between Lagoon 3 and yacht club. And 41 Teal on Lagoon 1

      Snowdrops in wood by lake (photo taken 3 days later than last year).


19/1/21 – The Dark-bellied Brent Goose was still feeding with 62 Canada Goose in a field between Lagoon 3 and yacht club. Also c230 Curlew feeding there at HT, and another c50 about.


18/1/21 – AM's WeBS count in morning: A Dark-bellied Brent Goose with 62 Canada Goose feeding in field between Lagoon 3 and yacht club, c575 Lapwing, c250 Curlew, c850 Dunlin, 95 Snipe (25 at Shepperdine, 50+ on saltmarsh of shore, 20 on Lagoon 3), 2 Grey Plover, 20 Redshank, 174 Wigeon, 55 Teal, 45 Turnstone, a Merlin (playing havoc with the Dunlin and Lapwing flock at Oldbury Pill) and a Mistle Thrush.
The Brent Goose was still there this evening (some video) and the Mute Swan pair have returned to the lake.


16/1/21 – At High Tide this morning: 325 Lapwing, 220 Curlew and 95 Snipe (25 at Shepperdine, 50+ saltmarsh on shore, 20 on Lagoon 3). MP reported this afternoon: 64 Snipe and 2 Rock Pipit along shore by Lagoon 3, the female Black Redstart by the jetty, 3 Stonechat, and male Gadwall on the lake.
NB. No Chiffchaff seen since early December - this would be the first January without one for 3 years.

      Redwing and Lapwings on Lagoon 1.


      Rock Pipit (photo by MP).


13/1/21 – I flushed a Short-eared Owl from Lagoon 3 this morning. It flew 50 yards and then dropped into the reeds. And the female Black Redstart again by the jetty. Plus 5 Stonechat (pairs at jetty and in ploughed field towards Oldbury village, and a female on Lagoon 2). Sadly, a freshly dead Buzzard found with no obvious signs of trauma. But, just 50 yards from the Buzzard's nest that was in an oak tree on south side of Lagoon 3, which seems to have been completely dismantled, since last year. (Body being sent to Predatory Birds Monitoring Scheme.)
55 species seen today - highest of year.


12/1/21 – 4 Lesser Redpoll feeding on seedheads by lake.


11/1/21 – AM reported: a Jack Snipe and a Snipe on Lagoon 3, 2 Water Rail (one seen well on the lake), 15 Moorhen (lake), 17 Curlew (Lagoon 1), 1 Gadwall, 1 Buzzard and 4 Stonechat.


10/1/21 – A Merlin caused all the Lapwing in field inland of yacht club to take to the air. It landed in a tree briefly. c120 Redwing feeding in fields here. And 4 Lesser Redpoll in hedge by paddocks. MP reported a female Black Redstart and a pair of Stonechat between jetty and Lagoon 3. Plus 4 Roe Deer and lots of Redwing near entrance.


7/1/21 – A couple of nice photos from yesterday of Bullfinch and Redwing, by MP.


6/1/21 – At 8:45am, a 1st-w Glaucous Gull flew lazily upriver along the near bank at Shepperdine. (37 years after the last,and only, record at OPS ! On 22nd Jan 1984.) Some video (where Carrion Crow flies across, showing size). Some more video, where it banks after 20 secs, showing upper and lower translucent wings. The 199th species I have recorded at the site !! (PS. It was also seen to fly past Saul Warth at about 10.55am.) Also 2 Black Redstart between jetty and Lagoon 3. A female was on the jetty, then flew along seawall, and disappeared. While searching for it, I heard one alarm-calling from the buildings at far SW side of site, and saw an adult male, briefly, before it too disappeared.


      The first photo below is by GH further upriver. In second, a Carrion Crow for size comparison.



 ----- Coronavirus Lockdown -----


4/1/21 – 9 Pintail on the estuary, a Rock Pipit at the yacht club, c300 Lapwing and the pair of Mute Swan have returned to the thawed lake.


3/1/21 – The 3 Ringed Plover on the seawall again and 3 Grey Plover flew downriver from Shepperdine.


2/1/21 – At dawn, on a frosty morning (-2 degs), a huge flock of 3,000+ Starling flew low to NE; they may have just come from roost, or might be moving due to frozen fields; amazing sight and sound. A Little Grebe on Oldbury Pill, 18 Skylark flying between yacht club saltmarsh and weedy field nearby, and 4 Stonechat between yacht club and Lagoon 3. Also, c50 Redwing and 10+ Fieldfare looking a bit desperate trying to feed on frosted grass. HE reported: a Gadwall on the estuary, a pair of Stonechat at the jetty and a Grey Wagtail.

      A first for OPS - January swimmers at the Yacht Club ! And male Gadwall on the estuary (photo by HE).


1/1/21 – 4 Shoveler on the Tidal Res. wall at Shepperdine (3 drakes, 1 fem.), and a male Stonechat by Lagoon 1 outfall.


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